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When do you typically decorate for the Holidays? I love how every family has a different timeline and tradition for decorations.  We begin decorating the day after Thanksgiving and gradually add ornaments and decorations over the following weeks.   A couple years ago we made the switch to all LED Christmas lights which are “supposed” […]

According to the EPA waste increases by nearly 25% between Thanksgiving and New Years- accounting for a million tons per week of additional garbage.  Let that sink in a little bit- one MILLION tons per week!!! Most of this is wrapping, bows, boxes, gift bags, etc.  YIKES!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately most gift wrap cannot be recycled- only […]

Happy Earth Day! Did you know that today is the 45th Earth Day?? It has certainly grown into a wonderful day to educate, inspire and support green-living and reducing waste. Those of you joining me on this journey probably feel like you’re living Earth Day every day.  I know I sometimes feel that way.  Earth Day isn’t […]

Every year we get dozens of Christmas cards.  We enjoy hearing from loved ones, and proudly hang them as part of our decorations.   What’s one to do with all those pretty cards after the Holiday season is over?!  It’s time to pull out the box of cards and make some fun Upcycled DIY projects (plus get […]