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Bringing the bounty from the farmer’s market table to straight out of your backyard A trip to a farmer’s market is kind of like of a trip to the zoo. It’s an educational experience. You may see products of nature you’ve never even heard of before. You might be tempted to bring home something cute […]

By hopping from South to North America, my geographic sense of what is “local” produce has gone topsy-turvy. Now that I’m out of the tropics, my suggestion for homemade Hawaiian ice with coconuts, banana, papaya, and mango is suddenly no longer homegrown. Now a very-berry ice, made with Maine blueberries, Iowan juneberries, or Washingtonian raspberries, […]

Springtime has arrived in full force here in Colorado.  In typical Rocky Mountain fashion we’ve had several days of 80 degree temperatures followed by snow.  What is Springtime like where you live??  Are the trees budding and flowers popping up yet? Our local Farmer’s Market started again on the 4th. The Farmer’s Market coming back […]