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Starbucks is giving their top selling Pumpkin Spice Latte a makeover this fall, marking a positive change for the environment. The coffee giant is updating their recipe to include real pumpkin, and they’re making other changes too, like eliminating the artificial caramel coloring from their drinks. The change comes as part of the growing real […]

Sometimes the only way to face stupidity is to laugh. That seems to be the case with the tampon tax. You may be aware of the tax situation; while “necessities” or “non-luxury” purchases like groceries are exempt from sales tax, items that are considered to be essential to a person’s survival, only five states have […]

You’re not the only creature out there frolicking under the summer sun. If you did any backyard gardening in June, you probably got up and close to the creepy-crawlies in our soil. It seemed to have rained all of June in Iowa, forming nice little breeding ponds for mosquitoes and quite a buzz around the […]

A woman is suing a tampon company after losing her leg. The amputation was the result of Toxic Shock Syndrome, aka. TSS, a complicated bacterial infection. It’s not a female-only condition, but there’s been a link between TSS and tampon usage that has gone on for decades. A tampon alone cannot cause TSS; it occurs […]

You could say I’m a bit of a word nerd. When my husband makes a clever play on words in Spanish, it’s almost as if he’s saying “te amo”. Nothing says “olive you” on Valentine’s Day like a corny pun on a cutesy card, along with a heartfelt message, and chocolate, of course. For inspiration […]

Every month some of us go through a few days of Cramps! Finding the solution that works for you is the trick to a happy girl. Here are a few suggestions that we’ve gathered: Bananas …are rich in Potassium that will help relieve cramps they are also loaded with vitamin B-6 that will help with […]

It’s week 5 already!  How has the challenge been going for you? What changes have you made in your home and lifestyle this year so far to reduce your waste and impact on our Earth? This week we’re going to look at reusable menstrual products.  Obviously this is what we’re passionate about 🙂  I know […]

Nicole Leigh Shaw of NinjaMomBlog.com writes in The Powder Room Blog about all the funny little names that people have come up with for our female private parts. Nicole proposes, in her humorous way, that we should just call a vagina and associated parts by the proper name and be done with it. When teaching […]