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The Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center is encouraging everyone to open their windows, and embrace all that spring has to offer. A big part of the coming of this season is preparing for the ever daunting spring cleaning. Fortunately, there are easy and even fun ways to embrace this practice, that don’t involve harsh or […]

The United Nations-backed International Women’s Day 2016 was celebrated on March 8th, but there’s more to it than just paying lip service to the history of women making change in the world. It’s a day to consider what women can do going forward, to make a positive impact on society and the planet. This year’s […]

After last week’s skin cancer scare, I still want to encourage you to go play in the sunshine this summer. Forget about superficial goals like getting tan. Sunlight has profound health effects, like being happy and strong! Embrace the rays because they will help you combat serious Ds: Depression and Vitamin D Deficiency. Depression Poets […]

Now that those gams are smooth, it’s time to get them bronzed and the envy of the town. Golly it’s hard to catch a ray with all this cloud cover, and it just doesn’t feel like summer without a tan. That’s why science and the aesthetics industry teamed up to create synthetic sun (get it? […]

If your menstrual cycle is dictating your schedule, you’re not alone! Many women experience such cramping and discomfort during their cycle that they feel they need to shut themselves indoors until it passes. But considering the fact that some of us experience over seven days of flow, is this really how we should be living? […]

A woman is suing a tampon company after losing her leg. The amputation was the result of Toxic Shock Syndrome, aka. TSS, a complicated bacterial infection. It’s not a female-only condition, but there’s been a link between TSS and tampon usage that has gone on for decades. A tampon alone cannot cause TSS; it occurs […]

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