The Moon Cup
The Moon Cup, a reusable menstrual cup, is made of medical-grade silicone.

Available in 2 sizes: “A” for after vaginal childbirth, and “B” for before childbirth or anyone who has given birth by c-section.

Introduced in 2006, The Moon Cup is the alternative feminine hygiene product made from soft, medical-grade silicone. The Moon Cup is for anyone who menstruates, but especially for those with allergies to latex rubber. Non-reactive, dye-free, and body-safe, The Moon Cup will be your new best friend once a month for years to come!

Learn how to use and care for The Moon Cup right here on our website, to get all of its economic and health benefits. Compared with the ongoing and escalating prices of pads and tampons, The Moon Cup costs only pennies per month.

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