Proudly American Made

Support American Industry
In a day and age where much of the manufacturing industry which made our country great has been moved overseas, many Americans have lost jobs, entire communities built around industries have collapsed, and it can be difficult to know what kind of environment our consumer goods are being produced in.

We at the Moon Cup believe in supporting our local industry, providing jobs to fellow Americans, and making our products in factories where high standards and healthy working conditions can be guaranteed. Keeping jobs in America, and fellow Americans working, is essential for reducing unemployment and keeping the economy strong in rural areas and small towns.

Made in America
The Moon Cup is produced right here in America. We’ve always been an American company and see the importance of keeping manufacturing and other production jobs here, as opposed to outsourcing overseas. Our cups are produced in American factories, so we can be sure of their quality.

Our “packaging” is also made here in the USA. The fabric pouches for storing your Moon Cup are sewed by retired American seamstresses, so it’s quality stitching. Your purchase supports women working in traditional industry.

Environmental Benefits
The Moon Cup is produced with sustainability in mind. We’re all about lowering carbon footprints and buying local. Because the Moon Cup is made locally, fewer fossil fuels are burned during shipping, which reduces their carbon footprint. By buying American-made menstrual cups, you’re supporting local industry as well as helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Moon Cup also comes in very minimal packaging, which is reusable and functional! Each cup comes in its own drawstring purse, made out of eco-friendly cloth fabrics. These bags act both as protective packaging, and tasteful storage options for when the cup is not being used. They come to you in a plain manila envelope, with no excess packing. Nothing to throw out, especially if you reuse the envelope!

If you’d like to learn more about supporting American industry and buying American-made products, check out our blog article on Buying American-Made: Good for the Economy and Environment.

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