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Want to know what others are saying about their experiences with The Moon Cup? Read on to learn more about what it’s like to switch to a menstrual cup, and get excited by the real words of satisfied customers!

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If you are a happy long-term user of The Keeper® or The Moon Cup®, and would like to submit your real name testimonial, please write to us.

Daryl Bartram

I live in New Zealand. I was made aware of The Keeper by a mid-wife friend who had found it online in 1999. I was immediately impressed by the fact that it meant no more waste and was extremely environmentally friendly. The cost saving was also attractive but for me it was the environmentally friendly bit that sold me. I bought my first Keeper® then and happily used it for around 8 years. At that time I lost it during a house move so ordered a new one which is still in use. On the rare occasion that I find myself caught short and have to resort to tampons, I can’t wait to retrieve The Keeper and put it back into use. I have had no leakage problems and find emptying and cleaning is simple and straightforward. I have recommended it to many friends, who unfortunately seem squeamish about the seeming “mess.” I used to have severe pain throughout my period days which reduced to only the beginning of my period since using The Keeper. As I have also travelled a lot, it meant that I didn’t need to worry about carrying other feminine products. So: Environmentally friendly No harmful bleaches No packaging waste every month No sewerage system blockages Much less period pain Takes up hardly any space in your backpack Big savings All good

Daryl Bartram, New Zealand

Melanie Smith

I have been using the Keeper Company’s Moon Cup for over a year now, and am very happy that this is the cup I chose. Like most women, choosing a cup can be tricky. I did my research, watched video reviews, read a lot of written reviews, and looked at a lot of pictures. I wanted a silicone cup, because I have sensitive skin and didn’t want to tempt the fates by using the latex cup. Upon first glance the Moon Cup might look like other cups out there, but it’s not. I find it much better. This cup is made out of medical grade silicone, and is almost clear, which I find handy for monitoring how much flow I have. I feel that being able to measure my flow is a key part to knowing my body, and being in tune with how it works. In today’s fast-paced society we are told that having a period is something unpleasant, but that we need to deal with it. Not true. It’s a sign of health and fertility and should be embraced. Being in tune with your body and knowing what is happening gives a woman a sense of empowerment. My Moon Cup has also helped me to get away from pesky disposables, which means a lot to me. I ordered my Moon Cup in the beginning of 2011 and was excited for my next period to start. It did take me a couple of tries to get the hang of using a menstrual cup; this is not unusual. Both the Moon Cup and the identically designed Keeper Cup have a very nice simple design. I love the basic smooth shape of the cups from the Keeper Company. They are a little firm but not so firm that you will feel the cup while you’re using it. I love that the cup almost opens by itself, making it a good cup for new users. The cups have a pronounced rim, and 6 suction holes and a smooth base. (Suction holes help release the cup for easy removal.) I have experienced the best customer service with the Keeper Company. If I ever have any questions or concerns with anything about my Moon Cup, I know I can send an email or call and get awesome help. It means a lot to me to have a company respond fast when I need help. I think we all like that. Overall, I’m glad that I picked the Moon Cup. It was a great investment and makes my periods happier. I would recommend this cup to any woman who has questions about which cup to use. As a bonus, this company makes their cups here in the USA. That is a great to know that my menstrual cup was made inside my country. I give this cup a 10 out of 10. I love it and am super happy with it. Thank you for making such a great menstrual cup.

Melanie Smith Denver, CO

Mary Roche

You have so many great testimonials on The Keeper website, I’m sure you don’t need another. However, I did want to write to thank you for this amazing product. I’ve been a Keeper user for over 10 years and am just now ordering the Moon Cup. I first heard about The Keeper from female co-workers and found the product on-line. At first, I was nervous and a bit awkward with it. But, within a few months, felt very comfortable using it. It did take a while for me to feel adept at cleaning and reinserting in public restrooms, but for many years now have complete confidence no matter where I am. As I read through other testimonials, I just kept nodding my head. I agree with all of them and truly wish more women were aware of this product and open to using it. I’ve told all of my female family members and friends, but I don’t think many of them have given it a try. I plan to send them a link to the testimonial section of your website – perhaps that might encourage them to give it a go. After over 10 years of use, I am switching to the Moon Cup. For some strange reason, my body has started reacting to the rubber cup of the original Keeper. I am hoping the Moon Cup will work as well for me as The Keeper did for so many years. I really do not want to return to using tampons or pads! So, again – I am so appreciative of your product and will be a happy customer again with the Moon Cup – hopefully for the rest of my menstruating years.

Mary Roche Waterloo, Iowa

Margot Hayes

I found the Keeper online about 10 years ago. I was dealing with infertility and felt that somehow the chemicals in my feminine products may have been to blame. I purchased the Keeper and never looked back! I have gotten used to periods where I don’t experience leaking. I can sleep without underwear and honestly revel in the fact that I can go out for the day and not have to think about my period. My cramps that used to plague me during my cycle are non-existent and I became pg within a year of use, after 10 yrs of infertility, without IF treatment! I had to purchase a new one not because the old one had worn out but because somehow it has gone missing. I am really upset to have to purchase products for my period as I haven’t done that in years. This is the first period that I have dreaded in 10 yrs! Wish I could get the Keeper overnighted to me I would pay!

Margot Hayes Montville, Maine

Alex L.

My friend told me about The Keeper 10 years ago in college. I am now ordering my second one. It has changed my life. Having my period has become just a part of my life rather a huge inconvenience that pulls me out of my life. Thank you!

Alex L. Ditmas Park Brooklyn, New York

Anna Huthmaker

I discovered The Keeper several years ago while planning a trip to Peru. I had never heard of a menstrual cup, but several friends had spoken highly of both The Keeper and The Moon Cup, so I decided to try it. One month later, after hiking, biking and trekking across South America, I was sold! I initially thought that I would only use The Keeper while backpacking, but upon returning home, decided to make it a permanent part of my life. The Keeper is so easy to use, and so superior to disposable menstrual products, that I happily switched to it permanently. Thank you for making a product that not only makes dealing with my period easier, but also helps me to be a better steward of the planet.

Anna Huthmaker Trail Dames

Anna Maria Einarsdottir

I have used the Keeper over 10 years now. I ordered my first Keeper online and have just bought a second one after 10 + years using it monthly. I swim almost daily in one of Reykjavik (Iceland) heated outdoor swimming pools and I’m a Scuba Diving Instructor. By using the Keeper I have been able to continue my activities during my period. I tell all my female Scuba Diving students about the Keeper. You can not feel it even when scuba diving down to about 120 feet /40 meters. Thanks for this “must have if a female scuba diver” product!

Anna Maria Einarsdottir Reykjavik- Iceland

Saskia G. Cooper

I was reading all the other testimonials and kept nodding my head in agreement. Usually I express my satisfaction with a product by buying it repeatedly, but obviously that’s not applicable to the Keeper, so I thought I would write to you instead. I have been using my Keeper for just about 10 years now and it is still going strong. The bottom line is: the Keeper is so much more comfortable, so much cheaper, and so much more environmentally friendly than the alternative. It’s the clear winner.

Saskia G. Cooper

Darby Brooks

I have been using The Keeper for at least 8 years now. My roommate at the time introduced it to me. At first it was a little weird. It took a few months to get used to. But then I noticed how much less waste I was creating, how much money I was saving, and how much better I felt during my period! I’ve never had horrible cramps, but with The Keeper they were nearly eliminated! I have cramps maybe twice a year now AND my periods are shorter! I honestly believe this is because The Keeper does not dry me out or interfere with my body during my period at all. I actually lost my first Keeper. So I switched back to tampons for a while. And then I ordered another Keeper! There is really no way I will ever go back to tampons and pads! The Keeper doesn’t leak, it doesn’t create waste, it doesn’t waste my money, and my body prefers it. Every woman should try The Keeper!

Darby Brooks Brooklyn, NY

Tracey Frelot

I just want to give my Review and experience with the Keeper Menstrual cup. I absolutely love my Keeper cup! My daughter also has one and she loves her Keeper too not to mention wearing the Keeper helped her cramps! When I use to use tampons I never really looked forward to having my period as I felt it slowed me down, not to mention it would cause my Ph balance to be thrown off and I never felt clean. Now that I have the KEEPER it is the best thing and I so wish I would have found this product sooner. I feel clean and fresh my entire period it does not throw off my PH balance and it is so comfortable I don’t feel it and it is easy to use. I have to admit I was a little worried at first as I have an IUD but the suction breaks so easy during removal time it is not even an issue. I have no leaks at all so wearing a cloth liner is not even needed! I can now enjoy and have a happier period as I don’t have to worry about yeast anymore which would happen sometime from wearing disposable products. The Keeper cup is Awesome and don’t let me forget ECO Friendly too! For ALL women and teens that don’t have a Keeper cup or a Moon Cup I highly recommended this product for a happy period! Stop using disposable products and join the rest of us who are having fun any time of the month!!

Tracey Frelot Fairfield, CA www.radiance.lbri.com

Danielle K.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making such a wonderful product! The Keeper is seriously one of the most useful and economical things I have ever purchased. It amuses me to say this because at one time I thought I would NEVER use one. My sister started using one years ago after the birth of her daughter. She told me about it and the whole idea at the time seemed kind of disgusting. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of having this huge rubber thing inside me and have to pour and clean the blood out of it. So what made me change my mind about it? I have been on birth control pills for years and it significantly lessened my menstrual flow. There were days when even light tampons were still too much. It got to the point where I was worried about keeping in tampons on my light flow and have to worry about the possibility of Toxic Shock. I absolutely refused to wear pads, and after learning that the Keeper can be worn for up to 12 hours with minimal risk of Toxic Shock, I said “What the Heck!!” and decided to give it a try. Oh my GOODNESS, I am SO HAPPY I made the decision to get one! I’ve been using the Keeper for almost a year now, and you couldn’t PAY ME to go back to pads or tampons! I get a haughty feeling whenever I walk down the tampon aisle in stores because I know I have something far superior! Its easy to get in when you get used to it, it doesn’t leak, and it is so comfortable I forget I even have my period!! I really wonder why many women don’t know about it/don’t use one. It is a Godsend! I no longer need to worry about having enough tampons or keeping some in my purse or desk at work. Not to mention, it is extremely environmentally friendly. When I think of all the tampons and pads in our landfills, I literally feel ill. I feel good that from now on none of that garbage will be from me! I try to tell my friends about it but unfortunately a lot of them get the grossed out feeling that I once had. I mean, no matter what you use you have to see the blood! Oh well, all I can say is they are truly missing out. There are very few things that I stand behind 100%, and the Keeper is one of those things. I may have criticized it in the past, but all I can say is “Don’t knock it ’till you tried it!!!” Thank you again for making such a fantastic product and for making my life so much easier and for the better!! I will continue to spread the word and HOPEFULLY someone will listen!!

Sincerely, Danielle K. Boston, MA

Robin Sledge

I am a huge fan of the Keeper. My story is that my husband ran across the Keeper while looking for something else on the Internet. That would have been in the early nineties. Sounded like a good idea to me, so he ordered one. I used that same one until I hit menopause about 15 years later. Meanwhile, I told all my girlfriends about the Keeper, and several that I know of ordered themselves one. My younger friend Pam didn’t have a credit card, so I ordered one for her back in the nineties, and it was her replacement that I recently ordered from you. I never experienced any leakage or odor with the Keeper. I emptied it while on the toilet or in the shower. At the end of my period, I washed it with body wash, rinsed it well and stored it in its little cloth pouch til next time. I never purchased another tampon or pad after getting the Keeper. I kept it in during sex without leakage. As long as it was sealed, it would slide right up against my cervix and stay there. My husband was unaware of its presence until I mentioned it. I realize this letter is less than eloquent–it’s been a long time since I even thought about the Keeper. I could not have been more pleased with the device.

Robin Sledge Fayetteville, NC

Wroksie Jackson

I first heard about The Keeper in 1998 when I was in the Peace Corps (but was too weirded out by it). Once I was in my Peace Corps service and notice that I, the only American in my village was causing so much waste and didn’t have any way of disposing of it. I would sneak and place my items by a tree until I was prepared to burn it. However, young kids would go through my trash searching for treasures. I was appalled to spot a young boy inspecting my used tampon. He had no idea what it was. I was sick to my stomach! Needless to say, I never threw them out again. I burned them in my pit latrine. At this moment I surely regretting that I had not thought about the matter before arriving in the far away land. I vowed that my next extensive trip would see the Keeper. I ordered it late 2001 to ensure that I’d grown comfortable with it by my trip in spring 2002. Honestly, the first 4-6 months, my success with the Keeper was hit-or-miss. I could never ‘tell’ when I had it positioned right. Perhaps the time period was much shorter. I tried sharing the information with women in Kenya when I was there, but don’t think they thought they could afford it (rural women). At any rate, I still buy pantyliners, but the KEEPER is so awesome! I am very happy that I stuck it out. I have a friend that uses pads and they just seem so bulky, wasteful and expensive! It feels great to just go in the bathroom and use the SAME product over and over, year after year. I like to travel ALOT internationally and it is SUPER convenient for that! This thing is the most amazing invention! When I first read your testimonials, I REALLY thought it was propaganda. As it is, I can’t believe that I’m writing such a long message, but your product is exceptional. Truly. It’s hard enough to endure the seemingly eternal menses, but your product makes the process at least more pleasant and discreet. Thank you very, very much.

Sincerely, Wroksie Jackson Atlanta, GA

Amy Potts

I just got my order in the mail today and I already love it!!!. I was hoping not to have to use it for two more weeks, but my body surprised me – and the Moon Cup arrived just in time. Once I figured out how to make it comfortable it’s the most wonderful thing! I am now going to tell everyone I know about this! And trying to convince my daughters (17 and 13) that this is the best alternative to tampons. I guess for me, having been a diaphragm user in days past this makes sense (I am 47). For my daughters, it’s a foreign concept. I have to work to break them of this. One of the reasons (beside cost savings, environmental issues) that I bought it is that I teach water aerobics (in the water) 4 times a week – no breaks for my monthly cycle. I used to “double pack” my tampons – not a fun alternative. Now this eases my worry that I might be “dripping” and being embarrassed. I just sent a message out to on FB to my friends about it. Do you have an FB page that I can direct women to? Thank you so much for the “liberation from tampons and pads”!!!! (hey, that is a good marketing line for you gals). A satisfied Moon Cup user.

Amy Potts pottsy@optonline.net www.aapk.com

Michelle Dudik

Well my testimony is a roundabout goof story on my part. I had my original Keeper for about 10 years and finally the little end pulled off so I figured it was time to replace it. I LOVED it. It was so easy to use and keep clean. So last week I was at a local health food store and saw another brand of menstrual cup. I had forgotten that my original menstrual cup was The Keeper. So I bought the other cup. I was EXTREMELY disappointed. It does not work as well as The Keeper. I also had to call the company several times before I finally got a return call. I was informed I could not get my money back since it was a “medical device”. That really bummed me out since I paid about thirty-five dollars for it. The company did want to send me “additional instructions” to see if I could get it to work. The thing is I know how a menstrual cup works. I’ve used The Keeper for years. (Thankfully the representative slipped when talking to me and dropped The Keeper Cup name…and I finally recalled what I had bought originally.) The difference I found is that the other menstrual cup does not open easily inside you once it is inserted. They told me to check the holes and then force my finger against my vaginal wall to situate the cup. I NEVER had to do that with The Keeper. I became very adept at not even really touching myself when inserting The Keeper, therefore making insertion less messy. The Keeper has more of a rigidity to the ring part that I believe kept the seal stronger and the cup open to catch the flow. The other cup is messy and less hygienic since I have to shove my fingers in to manipulate it and push my vaginal walls apart to situate the cup. I do try to keep my hands clean and fingernails short…but the more you are manipulating your body the more chances you have of introducing germs in small cuts caused by your nails or fingers. It’s also just not convenient to be shoving your fingers all around trying to get the cup to sit right. Another issue is that even when you bear down to remove the other cup, it does not respond like The Keeper does. I never had to “fish” around to find the stem to pull the cup out. I found myself delving around trying to find the stem to pull the cup out. I really don’t want to have to “fish” for my cup to get it out. So…I guess I’m out my money for the other menstrual cup. I’m now going to reorder another Keeper Cup. I was happy with The Keeper for all the years I had I used it! Sigh…wish I hadn’t goofed…but glad I found The Keeper again!

Michelle Dudik Cleveland, Ohio

Idamis González

Back in 2005 I was preparing for another Backpacking trip. Then and there I said to my self, “OMG! I’m gonna have my period while traveling and I don’t have enough space in my backpack for a pack or two of pads.” Yes, I was one of those who used sanitary pads all along since I didn’t like using tampons unless it was a real emergency and there was nothing else available on hand. So I’m surfing through the net and then I came across this blog page from some girl talking about her experiences backpacking and stating that she recommended 100% “The Keeper” cup for any girl backpacking since it didn’t take space in the bag. I started looking for info, and ran across so many websites, even one with a museum info showing a photo of what women used back in the war days where they didn’t have the break to go change a pad… go figure. I thanked God for letting me see this. So, it’s been merely four years of this but I stick 100% to my Keeper cup (even after childbirth — since it was an unplanned c-section, it still fits) and always tell my friends and family how it changed my life, not to mention no more $4.79 sanitary pack expense a month. -)

Regards, Idamis González San Juan, Puerto Rico


I read about The Keeper in “The Tightwad Gazette” and since it infuriated me to pay so much money every month for what I call “cotton and string” (tampons) I decided to give it a try. That was in 1996 and I still have the same Keeper and use it every month and I love it! It paid for itself in no time for sure! I tell all my girl friends and relatives about it and e-mail the link to the web page to them. I haven’t had to buy pads or tampons in 13 years! Besides being great for the environment, I love the fact that I never have to ask someone if they any pads or tampons because I ran out and am not at home. I am a totally self contained unit. Ha ha. Also no one in the house or at work ever knows when I am on my period because there are no tell tale signs in the trash can. (I have 2 sons and a husband, this makes me feel a LOT better about the whole thing!) It DID take some practice to get used to it, but once I did it was so easy to use, I don’t even know it’s there. I love it! Thanks so much for a wonderful product!! I would love to become a distributor!

Tanya Lynn Smith tanyalynn@midco.net


I have been using the Keeper for over 15 years. It was recommended to me by my OB/GYN as a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly option for handling my period, and it’s been great. I love the comfort, ease and safety of the Keeper. As an older woman (now 52), I particularly appreciate the volume that the Keeper handles. I find that it holds more fluid than a super tampon, and with minimal risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Without the Keeper, I probably would have had a hysterectomy in my 40’s due to heavy bleeding, but using the Keeper with a pad to manage overflow got me through. I have been environmentally conscientious all my life, and I love keeping my use of disposables to a minimum. The $50+ saved per year is an added bonus! In addition, because there is nothing to throw away the Keeper is very convenient for use while traveling, camping, hiking etc. and a great space saver as well (no boxes of tampons, heavy pads to pack). I enthusiastically recommend the Keeper to my daughters and others. It’s a really great product. Thanks for making the Keeper!

Lynn Plumb Nobleboro, ME


I have been using The Keeper since just after the birth of my first child fifteen years ago. (I switched to the Moon Cup a few years ago because I liked the way I could see to clean it better with the clear silicone.) I found the info in “The Tightwad Gazette” (thank you author Amy Dacyczyn!). I can’t say enough about how much I love it. I always hated pads – stinky and messy. Tampons were uncomfortable – they suck up every bit of moisture and are hard to insert and remove. I also disliked the thought of all of those possibly toxic products ending up in our landfills. The Keeper is so easy to use. I never have to buy pads and I love just walking by that aisle at the store without having to stop! I’m hoping it will work well for my teen-aged daughter because she is a swimmer and dancer and The Keeper will allow her to be free from the hassle of those so-called “disposable” products. I would love to be a distributor for The Keeper. I really believe it brings freedom for women.

Maria White Paso Robles, California


I bought my Keeper in April 1998, a year after our son was born. It’s now 3-3-09 and I still have it. Thank you for such a GREAT product. Hubby and I just got back from a cruise from Australia to Tasmania to New Zealand from Jan 25 to Feb 12, 2009 and I CAN’T TELL YOU how much this little product saved me. Not to mention anything you buy on the ship will be more expensive than if you were to buy it on land, but nonetheless, it’s great for when we are out camping or anything. I have told MANY others about your product and they all rave about it. It’s funny to hear us talk to each other in a code…. and we only know about. Thank you for a GREAT product again! I can’t rave about this any more than I already have! I’m also a Boy Scout mom that goes camping and not all of the time you can take “products” with you. But with The Keeper, I don’t have to worry about it. BESIDES! I took a class of a “No trace left behind.” When I told the lady instructor about it she was very curious. I told her that this product fits right in. After she looked it up on the web (during our class lunch break), she wanted to know where she could buy it locally. I told her where she could on line or in town. You can use my e-mail addy if you would like. I don’t mind. I have been VERY pleased with The Keeper!

Ronda Eikenberry ronda@eikenberry.name


I learned about The Keeper 10 years ago when I was at summer camp. I cringe at the thought of using tampons or pads ever again. I am a very active person and I have never had any trouble with leaking. Sometimes I even forget it is in. Yes Ladies, it is possible; it’s that comfortable. I do admit that it takes a period or two to get used to it: knowing how to fold it to get it in and making sure that it is properly “sealed.” I do like how comfortable it has made me with my own body and the things that come out of me. I put it in at the first sign of the Red Tide (it’s what my boyfriend calls my period). I haven’t had any problems with bacteria: I just rinse it with water when I take it out, and wash it with a mild soap once a day. I could go on forever, I’ve gotten 3 of my friends hooked and I hope for more!

Beth Pomerleau Portsmouth, NH


I started using the Keeper ten years ago at the age of 19. At the time, I was becoming more aware of issues surrounding environmental sustainability, animal rights and cosmetic testing. The Keeper provided a simple solution to the wasteful consumerism and ethical dilemma involved in using other feminine products. Initially, my decision was completely for political and ethical reasons, as I do not want to support corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Playtex Products, etc. The amount of money you save by using the Keeper was my second reason. Later, I began to learn about the adverse health effects of using tampons, purposely hidden from the public, and exactly what chemicals they put into these products for women (made by men). Then, I started wondering why more women don’t know about this product and use it. Many people I talk to shy away from the idea of a “menstrual cup” just because they don’t know what it is or anything about it. Now, I buy the Keeper for friends and family and try to inform every woman I know about the Keeper. We could put the mainstream “feminine care” industry out of business with safe and effective alternatives like the Keeper. This is truly a wonderful idea and product. Thank you.

Kristy King Richmond, VA


I think I was a sophomore in college when I got my first Keeper. (That was about 10 years ago and I only had to replace it last month!) The first couple of months it felt a little awkward, but I think that was to be expected. After that brief adjustment period, I got to where I never felt it, couldn’t tell when I had it in. It became one of my very favorite possessions, actually. I am an environmentally conscious person, and I loved the idea that I was NOT contributing all of those pads and tampons to landfills every month. Not to mention the money I was saving by not buying them! As I mentioned, I have been a fan of The Keeper for about ten years now. I would never go back to using disposable pads and tampons. It is small, compact, lasts a really long time, is more comfortable than pads or tampons, and is completely cost effective! What more could you ask for? If you don’t have one already, I definitely recommend that you buy a Keeper for yourself. And while you are at it, you might as well get one for your mom or daughter or best friend. They will thank you!

Mary Louise Roberts Chattanooga, TN


My name is Rachel Keller, and my husband and I are currently serving a two-year term with the United States Peace Corps on the African islands of Cape Verde. I bought The Keeper from you a few months before we left for our service. The Keeper is by far one of the best investments I made before leaving for service. Living in a country where pollution and sanitation are serious problems and feminine products are either non-existent or extremely expensive, I have come to truly appreciate my Keeper. Not only is it socially responsible, but it is extremely convenient when sanitary restrooms and such are so frequently lacking. It makes dealing with a period in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as simple as it could possibly be. Thank you so much for your great product. It is safe, comfortable, and extremely convenient. I have and plan to continue to recommend it to not only my fellow Peace Corps volunteers, but to the people here on the islands that I am serving as well. I intend to be a loyal, lifetime customer.

With sincere thanks, Rachel Keller lamarandrachel@hotmail.com


It was a bit scary to use The Keeper when I initially bought it 13 years ago. Was this going to be a messy undertaking, how well would it work, was it really going to save me thousands of dollars over a decade? Well I am happy to say The Keeper has been a blessing in disguise. I have saved the environment hundreds of tampons, I didn’t have to run out of them. I would highly recommend this lovely product to the initiating menstrual women as a lifetime companion! Thank you.

Leela Fraser Chattanooga, TN info@freedomandleela.com www.FREEDOMandLEELA.com www.soundBODYyoga.com


I am a Keeper user for the past 3 years. I happened to find it while searching for cloth pads. I LOVE being free with The Keeper! I don’t have to remember anything to take along, I don’t have to throw anything away, I don’t have to pack more that 1 item on a trip in case I need it, I don’t have to worry about chemicals or irritants (I have very sensitive skin), I don’t have to buy anything more—it is a really great product. I am a family doctor and conscious about health and the environment–I am busy and I was always forgetting an extra pad or tampon–now I always have what I need with me! I recommend the Keeper to anyone that is ready for a hassle free way to deal with her menses. I love The Keeper. Thanks for a great product Loyal forever.

Sarah Woolsey, M.D. Family Doctor, Salt Lake, UT



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