Our Story

Company History
Our entry into the world of reusable menstrual cups started in 1987. We knew that the concept had been tried earlier in the 20th century but had since vanished from the market. We also knew that both women and the planet needed and deserved a reusable, body-friendly, eco-friendly solution to menstruation hygiene. At the time, cultural shifts meant women had new power and ownership of their bodies.  After a 20-year absence, we wanted to return menstrual cups to the market, and give women a better option: gentle on the body, gentle on the wallet, and gentle on the Earth.

By a Woman, for Women
We approached the family that created the last menstrual cup to be commercially produced and distributed. It’s a really interesting story, and you can read more about it in this wonderfully thorough history. We tracked down the founders and asked about them re-inventing their menstrual cup and bringing it back to the market. Although they did not wish to develop the cups further, they gave us their full blessing to adopt and release what ultimately became our first menstrual cup product, The Keeper. This all-natural menstrual cup will always be the cup that brought this option back for women everywhere. We took the plunge (and so can you!) and will always be glad that we did.

The Moon Cup: Looking to the Future
We are now counting the days until our 30th anniversary. For decades, we have been supporting women and supporting the Earth, first with The Keeper, and later with the Moon Cup. We developed this second cup as women began to look for new options, including ones suitable for those with latex allergies. Medical-grade silicone was becoming more popular for intimate products, and we saw the opportunity to offer a new cup for a new generation. The Moon Cup was also designed to be dye-free, as the less potentially harmful chemicals involved in feminine hygiene products and placed in the body’s most sensitive areas, the better.

It makes us smile to think of the empowerment we have promoted and all the waste we have prevented. To the countless women who have joined us by using our cups, or by becoming affiliates or brave solo distributors, we’d like to say: “THANK YOU!” We are immensely proud to be the originators and leaders in the modern day menstrual cup industry. We are every bit as passionate today as we were when we started. Best of all: after nearly thirty years, the world has changed again. A new generation of young women are more ready than ever to make the switch. We are encouraged and grateful.

In Summary
The Moon Cup is a menstrual product you can trust, produced by a woman-owned business. We are driven by our passion for women, care for the Earth, and an unshakable belief that the simplest solution is always the best. With the Moon Cup, you save money, own your body, and keep our planet beautiful for future generations.

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