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Articles Featuring The Moon Cup & The Keeper

  • Grist Magazine’s wonderful column, “Ask Umbra,” has featured several articles about The Keeper, including an article on eco-friendly menstrual products, which contains a great review of The Keeper. Other articles and letters to the editor praising The Keeper may be found herehere, and here. We were delighted to find Grist, a truly excellent online environmental magazine, and hope you will want to investigate it for yourself!
  • “Go with the Flow”— In this wonderful article, appearing on the Discovery Channel’s “Planet Green” website, environmental writer Jasmin Malik Chua discusses “the impact of chucking hundreds of applicators, pads, and packaging every year.” Of course, Jasmin recommends reusable menstrual products, and says: “This writer is a happy Keeper user.”
  • The Keeperwas featured on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s very popular website e-Healthy News in the article “The Shocking Truth About Feminine Hygiene Products — What Are Your Options?
  • Menstrual Products For The Frugal, Ecologically-Conscious Woman— Facts and figures on the astonishing cost of disposable menstrual products and their impact on the environment.
  • The Feminist Debate: Menstrual Products— When ecologically-minded feminists debate their menstrual product options, they most often advocate using organic cotton tampons and pads, rather than those made from synthetic materials like rayon. . . . One option that is often left out of such discussions (as well as media programs and articles) is reusable menstrual products.
  • Natural Life Magazine, #46— says about The Keeper: “Not only does it have a positive impact on the environment, but it will save hundreds of dollars spent on other commercial sanitary products.”
  • The Keeperwas featured in Redbook Magazine, February, 1998, under “What’s New in Period Protection.” It is called “the cheapest way to go.”
  • The Keeperwas featured in an article in the April, 1997, Self Magazine, under the heading, “Sales of Alternative Products Are Booming.”
  • E Magazine, July-August, 1997. In this great article, “Toxic Shock! How Safe Are Feminine Hygiene Products?,” Aisha Ikramuddin examines several alternative menstrual product options, including, of course,The Keeper.
  • E Magazine, Jennifer Bogo, March-April 2001 – This great article, “The Hidden Price of Feminine Hygiene Products,” examines the possible environmental and health dangers associated with the use of disposable menstrual products, including dioxin exposure and Toxic Shock Syndrome.
  • The Simple Living Network’s July-August, 2006 newsletter features the article, “Reusable Menstrual Products: Easy On The Pocketbook, Easy On The Environment,” which contains a great deal of wonderful information aboutThe Keeper!
  • Yes! Magazine’s Spring 2006 issuefeatures an article on “10 Most Hopeful Trends.” First on their list is reusable menstrual products, including The Keeper.
  • com’s very popular online site contains this wonderful article, aptly titled “Go With the Flow,” which discussesThe Keeper and features a photo of our product at the beginning of the article. A terrific story.
  • org, the website for the Center for Young Women’s Health of the Children’s Hospital of Boston, contains this really wonderful article, “Alternative Menstrual Products: A Guide for Teens” — especially important because we atThe Keeper, Inc. want young girls to know about the benefits of reusable menstrual products early on, before they start using disposable tampons and pads.
  • This article, “On the Rag (Literally): Menstrual Alternatives,” featured at, was written by 16-year-old Laura Schwartzmann. It’s another “keeper”!
  • One of this blog’s postings, “Book Site, Barnard, and Menstrual Cups,” contains a discussion about menstrual cups, includingThe Keeper.

Audio Interviews
We’ve been lucky enough to interview some fascinating experts on women’s health and environmental sustainability, and present the following interviews done with The Keeper for your enjoyment. They’re very educational and great listening!

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